Hey there,

Before having children I always knew I wanted to raise my children in the most natural and holistic way possible. I had always wanted to have a home birth, but it wasn't something that many people talked about or did around the time I was planning my birth of my first child.  

When my first baby arrived into the world at home in front of a warm fire on a new moon, surrounded by love from friends and family, it felt like such an accomplishment. It gave me a newfound confidence in myself as a mother; I knew that if I could make this happen, then anything else would be possible. I brought my son into this world on a raining, dreamy afternoon. Rays of light were seeping through the windows, reflecting off the fire burning brightly in our lounge room as my daughter, husband and family were there to welcome him into the world.

After this experience, I began exploring more alternative ways of parenting - including homeschooling my children. We did try nine months of schooling in a school that was based around teaching 5 human values which we believed was the best school at the time. However the changes of 2022 started to paint a different picture and bring with it a time for change. This is when I decided to homeschool. It wasn't easy going against the grain of what society expected from parents at the time, but again I persevered in order to provide what I believed was best for my daughter and follow my values and beliefs.

What surprised me even more than embarking on these paths alone was discovering how much support there actually was out there! Through online connections, going to my local farmers markets weekly and attending local activities hosted for families living life unconventionally - whether through homeschooling or otherwise - I found solace amongst others just like me. As life progressed, I found that more likeminded families were naturally drawn to my space. It made me realise how special my community was. In fact, it was like a hub for these families, with an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement.

By having the courage to go against societal norms despite feeling isolated at times, especially when so few people around you are choosing similar pathways, I not only followed my belief that education should be rooted in curiosity rather than conformity; but also opened up opportunities within myself. 

There has always been a place in my heart for supportive, holistic methods when it comes to nurturing my family. Sometimes, traditional interventions are indeed necessary; however, I have navigated life to not just rely on them, and I now share my journey with other mums who are in search of alternate paths.


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