How to Process Feelings During the Full Moon and Beyond
By taking the time to process our feelings, we're more in tune with our emotions and better able to make decisions that reflect our values.

Acknowledge your feelings. 
The first step to processing your feelings during the full moon is to simply acknowledge them. Don't try to push them away or bottle them up. Instead, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you're feeling. This may mean journaling, meditating, or simply taking some time to sit with your emotions. 

Understand that your feelings are valid. 
Accept that whatever you're feeling during the full moon is valid. Whether you're feeling anxious, excited, or something else entirely, know that your emotions are valid and deserve to be acknowledged. The Valor Balance is a lovely technique to perform which helps to balance your emotional, spiritual and physical energies.

Release what no longer serves you. 
The full moon is a time of release, let go of anything that no longer serves you. This might mean releasing old patterns, behaviours, or ways of thinking that no longer serve you. I like to use Release blend, I add a drop to my palm and apply to my shoulder, rubbing in a clockwise motion, visualising and letting go of whatever it is that no longer serves me, then repeating on the other shoulder.

Connect with nature. 
During the full moon, take some time to connect with nature. This might mean spending time outside in the moonlight, which is truly magical, going for a walk barefoot, or simply sitting in silence on the earth letting yourself be present in the moment. Lately I’ve been drawn to Present Time blend, applied to my Solar Plexus to help me really appreciate the present moment.

Trust your intuition. 
Finally, trust your intuition during this time. The full moon is a powerful time for intuition and inner knowing, so if you feel like you need to do something or go somewhere, trust that instinct and follow it. I like to reach for my pendulum for guidance (I get my pendulums here) as well as listening to my inner knowing. Adding a drop of Harmony blend to my palm and brushing through my energy field and then performing a scent tent is a beautiful way to connect with my feelings. 

Repeat as needed. 
This process is something you can do when you start feeling overwhelmed by negative energy, not just kept for the full moon. Did you know that our five senses are uniquely designed to help us access our moods and emotions with ease? Our smell is by far the most direct way! This is why I like to reach for the six essential oil blends from the Feelings Kit, each of which are a powerful tool for supporting and releasing emotional patterns. Use in the morning or evening and during the full moon to promote peaceful thoughts and spiritual harmony.


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